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RED in possession

BLUE out of possession

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Period 1

Formation: Our Team: 4-2-3-1 |Out of possession: 4-4-1-1


Wales in and out of possession

In Possession

Wales started the game really well, when they were in possession in their own half the player's were patient in their build up play and got themselves into a GK-4-2-3-1 formation. When the ball was in central areas the Fullbacks got high and wide with 2 deep layer's dropping in to play central before looking to play wide with the high Fullbacks. When Wales were in possession in the attack half they were looking to move the ball really quickly out wide. This would then trigger the opposite winger to come inside into Zone 14. With the Striker playing on the defenders shoulder, the winger would then look to cross the ball into the box with the Number 10 and the opposite winger attacking the penalty area. If Wales has to play through the middle they were looking to get the Number 10 on the ball to create things.

Out of possession

When Wales were out of possession they would go into a GK-4-4-1-1 formation. The wingers would become narrow and go deep. The striker would stay high and occupy the two Centrebacks. The team when in position would then become compact and look to force Belgium out into wide areas. This did limit Belgium's chances of getting the ball into Zone 14 and only leave Belgium to no clear chances on goal.

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