Football/Soccer Session (Advanced): Multi-Phase Finishing

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3 shot multi-phase

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3 shot multi-phase
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3 shot multi-phase (30 mins)

Set Up: Set up as shown in the diagram. Each of the players with a number have a soccer ball. There are 7 players per sequence. You can either use mannequins or flags or even players to act as the defensive back four. A GKer is in the goal.

Instructions: Player A plays the ball to Player B who immediately sets for Player C. Player C plays a killer pass for Player D who has made an incisive run past the CB. Each of Players A, B, C head into the box after they've played the ball. Once the killer pass has been made, Player E plays a new ball to F and makes an overlapping run. Once Player F has played the return pass he or she starts to to drift across the top of the box. Player D strikes at goal as soon as he or she and the ball arrive together (1). Player E crosses (2) for Players A, B, C who have all entered the box with the intention of scoring off of the cross. After that ball is struck at goal, Player G cuts the ball back to the top of the box for Player F (3).

Coaching Points: All runs and passes must be made at game speed. Ensure proper technique and pacing for all passes (play one touch where possible and where required). Quality of the chosen technique to strike at goal. Be aware of both where you are as a runner and where the ball is to ensure the timing works. Arrive in the box when the ball arrives (do not be standing still waiting).

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