Football/Soccer Session (Advanced): Midfield Unit Defensive Compactness (Start Time: 2014-12-10 19:20:00)

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(MI) Andrew Wagstaff
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In this session we can work on geneal defensve Principles as well as specific midfield defending, all witin a small sided game

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Midfield Unit Compactness

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Midfield Unit Compactness
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Midfield Unit Compactness (30 mins)

Set Up Organization

5-Yard Channels down each side for the Neutral players

Midfield 3rd divided into 4 x 5 yard x20 yard channels

60 Yards long by 40 yards wide (this includes the 5 yard channel on each side)

Two teams set up in a 2-3-2 against 2-3-2 wit GK's and a neutral (N) player on each flank

9v9 with the defending midfielders trying to cover 2x3rds of the 4 small zones

Start -

Ball played in by neutral player to the defensive 3rd

Attacks must come through central 3rd

N players can be used for support but must play back into middle 3rd

Detail -

Challenge: Try to win the ball back in mid area and try to counter

In Midfield Areas -

1) Marking Positions and distances

2) Passing opponents on to other midfielders with good communication (verbal and non verbal)

3) Moving across the pitch as a compact 3 man unit

4) Tracking opponents as they advance forward

Key Coaching Points

In Midfield:

- Defensive compactness and shape in each of the 3rds

- Defensive distances

- Pressure, cover and balance

All Units -

- Angles and distances to support the pressuring defender

- Positioning and looking to intercept

- Keep sight of the ball at all times when in covering or marking situations

- Tackling off the front and back foot

- Prevent attackers turning

- blocking crosses and shots

- Organizing against the counter (we will refer to this as SECURITY)

Progressions for this session:

- Man for Man marking used in each end zone

- Two of the three mids can release and attack goal

- Prevent

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