Hockey Session (Senior): Improving Midfield Connections

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Improving Midfield Connections

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Improving Midfield Connections
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Improving Midfield Connections


A regular 2 goal pitch suitable for those who have experience of playing 11v11. Exercise is a normal game, expect that the midfield two (black) always play for the team in possession. This creates a constant attacking overload, for more success and lots of repetition of midfielders receiving the ball and making decisions. 


This game creates lots of repetition for midfielders, both starting the attack and supplying the final ball.

Link to 11v11

- The distances and relationships between the midfielders in black.

- When do the midfielders retain possession and when do they risk progression?

- Intent and execution of killer passes and assists. 

Defending team is outnumbered - lots of repetition of defending outnumbered and prioritising which players need to marked touch tight within the D.


How do the team in possession utilise the overload?

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