Football/Soccer Session (Advanced): SWFC - Attacing Principles

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Vision Game (Att V Def)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Vision Game (Att V Def)
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Vision Game (Att V Def) (20 mins)

Vision Game: Attack V Defence


Area Size - 60x40

3 goals on each side

Coach serves from attackers end into attackers

Goal scored by dribbling with ball through the gates

Formations: (Depending on Numbers)

Defence- 4-2-0

Attack - 0-3-3

Coaching Point 1:

Shape in Possession -

- CF offers Length/Stretch the Play

- Wingers offer width - open passing lanes

- No 10 playing in betwen the units - High to deep/deep to high

- No 8 on different passing lane to winger and CF

- No 4 on different passing lane to winger and 10

- No 4 and 8 lock out depending on who is in possession

- Maintain balance across all 5 passing lanes

Coaching Point 2:

Ball in to 4 or 8 -

- Focus to play forward in to 9 or 10

- No 10 move on different passing lane to 9 (Open the lane up)

- As ball is switched 10 movement while scanning to not close 9 passing lane

- 9 & 10 continously moving on different passing lanes

- No 10 trying to drop into space between units to recieve on half turn

- No 9 recieving half turn or safe side, using body to protect and set

Coaching Point 3:

- 9 and 10 Combination

- Recieving (Safe Side/Use of Body)

- No 10 movement and support on angle of different passing lane

- 7 and 11 keep the width, looking to make forward runs

- 10 attempt to play through the lines in to space for winger to make an outside to inside run

Coaching Point 4:

9 and Winger Combination -

- No 9 Recieving (Safe side/Use of Body)

- Winger movement inside to support 9 on different passing lane

- Opposite winger stays wide to make outside to inside run in behind

- Can winger play diagonal through ball for opposite winger?

- No 10 or No 8 Makes forward run in to wide area that winger has vacated

- Can the CF and Winger combine to play a forward pass in to the space vacated

(Same applies if winger dribbles inside) 8 or 10 vacate the space with a forward run

Coaching Point 5:

Ball in to winger -

- Recieve open bodied on front foot

- 9 or 10 Movement inside to combibe

- Winger plays first time if CB has been drawn in

- 9/10 plays around the corner into space in behind

- Winger spins Full Back to recieve in behind

Coaching Point 6:

Winger Comes Short to recieve -

- Winger moves deep to recieve while under pressure

- 4 or 8 play ball in to Winger

- Winger uses body to protect and sets the ball to the 4 or 8

- 9 or 10 depending on position makes run in to channel

- 4 or 8 option to play ball over the top/curved pass in to space in channel for 9 or 10

- 4 or 8 can also play up to no 9 for Winger to spin and recieve from the 9.

Forward Runs:

- Overlapping Run if the winger drives inside with the ball

- Crossover run if the winger comes inside to recieve

- Forward Run if the winger comes short to recieve

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