Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): 4-3-3; Front 6 Roles & Responsibilities

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CB or center back= #4 and 5. ST=strikers  #9. FB or full back= #2 and3. CM or center mid = #8 and 10

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

#8; To break up play centrally and sit in front of the #6 to make the central area compact. To create passing opportunities for #6 or to receive from FBs to play to #9 or switch play. Break forward to support ST and sometimes rotate and get beyond #9 when they drop in to receive.

#10; Provide support to #4/8 when out of possession to compact the middle.  In possession create clear passing lines to receive from #7/11 or #5/4.  Understanding of when to vacate the #10 position to allow #7/11 to drive in (rotate out to their position).  Recognising when to move into #9 position and switch roles.

#9; Main focus on staying central, threatening the oppositions defensive line, between their CBs. Play on the shoulder for through balls or take the oppositions CBs away (towards their own goal) and drop into the hole to receive, with #10 rotating behind. Recognising when to build play by setting back to CMs or playing round the corner to #7/11.

#7/11; Start wide, playing on the opposite side to cut in on their favourite foot, creating space on the outside for the FBs to overlap. Narrow off when the ball is on the opposite side EG; When #11 cuts in with the ball #7 moves in towards the back of the box to become a second ST, making a diagonal run.

Out of possession drop deep and defend narrow, compacting the central areas and forcing play wide.

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