U14G vs Chille Select Female Formation

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Fiona will play as a sweeper and clean up the garbage that gets behind the 4 in front of her. Azz will be the Stopper but her role is to mark Olivia Walsh (Attacking Centre Mid) all game...wherever she goes, Azz goes. Our 2 Centre Backs will mark their 2 Strikers. Our 2 Full Backs can either help with the 2 Strikers or mark the overlapping Full Backs from the Chill. The Diamond midfield will need to stay in a diamond formation and not get spread out too far. The lateral diamond players (Kaya and Mya) can go to the outside channels to defend, but the whole diamond must move with them and maintain their shape.

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Period 1

Formation: Our Team: 4-2-3-1 |Opposition Team: 4-4-2

Team List

Our Team (Home)

Num Player Name Main Position Goals Game Time (mins)
1 Tiana Bedford Goalkeeper
2 Emma Harland Defender
3 Avery Duguay Defender
4 Lauren Perozak Defender
5 Lexi Adduono Defender
6 Megan Clarke Mid-fielder
7 Havyn Jesperson Mid-fielder
8 Kayley Dunn Mid-fielder
9 Allison Brough Mid-fielder
10 Fiona MacLeod Defender
11 Sydney Kelner Striker
12 Kaleigh Power Defender
13 Erica Vidotto Mid-fielder
14 Sara Azzolini Defender
15 Emily Beattie Striker
16 Merritt Morine Mid-fielder
16 Maya Mularczyk Mid-fielder
33 Beth O'Neill Goalkeeper

Opposition Team (Away)

Num Player Name Main Position Goals Game Time (mins)
Maddy Coates Defender
Sarah Lucky Defender
Alexis Paddington Striker
1 Mackenzie Tsubouchi Goalkeeper
2 Jordyn Fata Defender
3 Fiona MacLeod Defender
4 Esme Whalen Defender
5 Sara Azzolini Defender
6 Kamlyn Tsubouchi Defender
7 Kaya Grebowicz Mid-fielder
8 Merritt Morine Defender
9 Sonja Juan Striker
10 Kassie Meo Mid-fielder
11 Emily Beattie Mid-fielder
12 Frannie MacGregor Mid-fielder
13 Mya Miller Mid-fielder
14 Emily Tod Mid-fielder

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