Futsal Session (Junior): 2 v 1 with Advantage Turning Point (Start Time: 2016-04-14 12:30:00)

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Objectives of this exercise.

Attacking team when loses one player, the player who stays must learn how to delay the other player's attack, until his teammate return.

Defender, who now has the ball. Motivate him to be creative, play aggressive torwards the goal, try to score before the other player comes back

Futsal Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Futsal Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1 (15 mins)


Two players (yellow team) attacking the Big goal, defending the two small goals

One player (red team) plus golaie Defending the big goal, and attacking on the two small goals

Players attacking need to make 2 or 3 passes before going to score.

*Turn point of the game:

Player on the attacking team who loses the ball, makes a mistake, have to run to the other side of the court, touch the post, for then return to play.

This will give the defender (red) player advantage to score

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