Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): Defending with a withdrawn Striker, Lone Striker and MF4

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Function

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Function
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Function (20 mins)


In attacking half of the pitch set up area of 2 boxes. Focus on one side to begin with. Object of the function is for the red team to win the ball from blues and have shot on goal.

Function starts with the Target Man passing the ball to the Blue GK who plays the ball to Blue CB. Blue Team score by passing the ball to the Blue Feeder. Target Man works both right and left side to help the Blue CB and FB on both left and right side. Red Team looking to cut off pitch/stop Blues from playing to Target Man (Deep lying Midfielder).

Practice by alternating which box function takes place in.


>Limit time blues have on the ball before getting pass into feeder / limit time reds have to win the ball back and get shot on goal.

>When reds have won the ball limit time to get shot away (6-8seconds)

>Remove central markers to create bigger zone and let goal keeper decide which way he feeds the ball. Reds must shuffle across and deal with accordingly.

Triggers/Movement (As the ball in travelling from the GK)

1. As the ball is moving to the Blue CB from Blue GK, Red 9 Lone striker looks to narrow the pitch/cut off the switch and to arc run to force the Blue No 4 (CB) forwards.

2. Red Withdrawn striker No.10 splits the pitch and stop the forward pass into the Blue Target Man. Can they intercept the pass to Blue Target Man.Trigger for the No.10's movement is on the Red 9's run. Red No.10 to check shoulder to see the position of the Blue Target Man.

3. Red 11 will arc the run to cut off the line and force the full back blue 2 inside. Red 11 set on Blue 2 (FB) first touch. Blue 2 (FB) second touch (Pass back to Blue 4 CB stay high and press). Trigger to run is when the ball is travelling fron Blue CB to FB. (make sure Red 11 or Red 7 dont move too soon)

Things to Look For...

>Are the defending team timing their runs to intercept/block the next pass?

>What is the role of 2 they cut off pass to feeder OR try and win the ball?

>Number 10s movement

>Do Number 7&11 stand off and show FB back inside or do they get tight and try and win the ball. (decision making...when and where is the right time to do both?)

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