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Alan Heavey

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Alan Heavey
Name: Alan Heavey
City: Huntington Station
Country: United States of America
Membership: Adult Member
Sport: Football/Soccer


Sharks & Minnows

Intramural, introductory level.

Working on our balance and the fundamentals of the game.

Technically understanding what dribbling means in the game.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Sharks & Minnows

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Sharks & Minnows
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Sharks & Minnows


  • 25x25 grid
  • All Players with a ball (Minnows) 
  • One defender (Shark/Freezer)


  • Sharks & Minnows
  • All players with the ball (Minnows) have to dribble  around the area and avoid the Defender (Shark)
  • If you get tagged by the shark you must freeze where you are.
  • To unfreeze yourself you have to do a skill. A scissor or roll the ball with your feet back between your own legs.

Coaching Points/Questions:

  • Dribbling technically correct.
  • Can we get away from the shark while keeping control of the ball.
  • Making sure if we are frozen doing the skill the correct way,
  • Staying inside the grid.


  • P: If your are frozen instead of doing a skill to unfreeze yourself another attacker must dribble with their ball over to you and unfreeze you themselves.
  • P: Add another shark
  • P Have the shark have to dribble with a ball also so they can just run free.
  • R: Take the ball away and work on coordination and balance while running with the players.
  • R: If players are running out of the area make it bigger.

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