Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): Defending Corners

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): positions

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): positions
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Defending corners player positions and roles

A - Right Back, on the line at the near post, close enough to the post to be able to reach the ball if it was to be come in his direction, Starting position is holding the post body angled off the line looking at the ball and as the balls kicked alter his position back on the line as the ball is travelling in to the box.

B - Left Back, on the line at the far post, adopting the same distance from the post as (A) loooking at the ball as it is delivered to the box.

C - "hole player" This is a very important position and must always be adopted, players suited to this position are midfielders who are strong headers of the ball. Players position must be open so that he can see the ball and be aware of any runs across him, Player A can help by communication, must be on his toes and read the delivery and meet the ball as soon as he can to clear it. If the opposition have a 2v1 overload at the corner, (C) must go and join the man who has followed his marked man with (A) assuming responsibility for both positions, immediately taking up the hole position, reading the corner delivery and if it goes over him revert back to his original near post position.

D&E - The two centre backs marking the two tallest opposing players, side on body position staying touch tight and not allowing the opposing player to get a run on them.

F,G&H - These will mark players based on a similar height to themselves and must be "defenders". Use the players who head the ball best in your team regardless of their original position. Strikers must be switched on to defending at this point and must adopt side on position and touch tight marking.

I&J - Making the pitch as wide as possible, as the corner is taken will be walking back towards their own goal anticipating a headed clearance. Be aware of where the opponent is and either hold up the ball and bring others in to play or turn and attack opponents. Players who are fast and who may be poor defensively are suited to this role, and if they adopt the right position have a lot of space behind the defender to attack.

Coaching points

Adopt positions quickly

Organise others

Take responsibility

Once the ball is cleared, vacate the area as fast as possible to spring the offside trap

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