Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): 4-4-1-1 Roles and Responsibilities

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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1) GK- OFFENSIVELY Distribution (short and wide 1st- long 2nd), Support for backwards passes from defenders. DEFENSIVELY communicate and organize your team, confident in shot stopping, own YOUR box.

2) Center Defender- OFFENSIVELY support for backwards passes, look to pass to outside defenders or holding mids 1st- go long 2nd, always be aware and organized just in case we lose the ball (know where their forwards are). DEFENSIVELY communication helps us stay organized defensively, stay compact, cover for each other, delay the attack when out numbered.

3) Outside Defender- OFFENSIVELY provide width, outlet pass for center defenders, goalkeeper, and holding mid, get forward in the attack when the ball is on your side or in transition to your side. DEFENSIVELY immediate pressure on their outside mid, push outside-deny inside, deny cross, cover for center defenders, cover backpost.

4) Holding Mid- OFFENSIVELY help dictate speed of play, link between defenders and forwards, one always holds in front of center defenders, switch the point of attack, support for backwards passes. DEFENSIVELY slow down the attack, deny them from switching the field, follow 3rd man runs, deny ball into forward, if any of the defenders get pulled out- you take their place, back pressure when center defenders are slowing down their attack.

5) Attacking Mid- OFFENSIVELY immediate support for the forwards, be creative in the attack, shoot from distance, switch the point of attack. DEFENSIVELY be aware of their holding mids, back pressure if holding mid is delaying the attack, follow 3rd man runs.

6) Outside Forward Mid- OFFENSIVELY provide width, run at outside defender- cut inside and shoot or go outside and cross, backpost runs. DEFENSIVELY pressure outside backs- deny forward passes and deny long ball, back pressure when needed, help defensively when needed (if not stay high and wide)

7) Forward- OFFENSIVELY stretch the field, work off the shoulders of their center defenders, bring players forward in the attack by backwards passes, if possible turn and go to goal. DEFENSIVELY pressure center backs, keep the ball on one half of the field by denying the switch, back pressure their holding mid

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