Football/Soccer Session (U8): Pacman (Start Time: 2016-09-26 16:00:00)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Learning Objectives

Technical Technical
Use of Inside and Outside of foot to make turns. Use of laces to make longer touches and accelerate
Technical Tactical
Players must dribble with heads up and make smart decisions on path to take to avoid defender
Technical Physical
Changing pace with ball; Agility with cuts and direction changes

Screen 1 (20 mins)


40x30 rectangle with eight triangles inside creating lanes for players to dribble through.

One ball per player

One player w/o a ball running around knocking other players balls away

Players must stay out of coned triangle areas


When coach says go one player(pacman) begins to run and try to knock players balls away.

The demensions of the field cause players with balls to change speeds with ball and make sharp cuts

Players are to keep their heads up to identify the location of Pacman and change directions if need be

Coaching Points:

Keep head up while dribbling

Use longer touches and accelerate when dribbling through lanes

Use shorter touches and decelerate prior to making turn


Once a player has their ball knocked out they too become a Pacman and try to knockout players balls

Once a players has their ball knocked out they retrieve ball and sit in spot where they lost ball. Player still dribbling may tag player and bring them back to life.

Incorperate a second and third defender to cause players to make smart decisions while dribbling

Play for 1-2 mins and see how many players are left

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