Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Evolution Football Academy: Skill Practice (5-10 mins) (Start Time: 2016-03-04 12:25:00)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Evolution Football Academy: Head Coach - Ross McKay

Skill Practice: Ball Mastery (5-10 mins)

- 40x30 yard pitches x 2

- Incorporating what we have used from the warm up and speed and agility sessions

- Player 1 (The Attacker) has the ball at his/her feet, obtaining as many touches of the ball whilst travelling towards the opposite end of the pitch and an unopposed defender. Use the same technique as per the warm up, using the instep and outside of the foot to move the ball forward and across the body, changing direction at the same time

- Player 2 (The Defender) must advance out from his or her end of the pitch to engage The Attacker. At this stage all The Defender should do is jockey backwards to where he/she advanced from without tackling The Attacker

- The next pair should be waiting ready to go as soon as the 1st pair finishes

- This will become an alternating exercise for the Attackers and Defenders also so that each player improves both aspects of their game


- We can progress this session by incorporating a step over exercise, where the same concept will be in place, but rather than obtaining alot of touches dribbling the ball, when The Defender engages The Attacker unopposed, a step over can take place and then The Attacker can explode into the space ahead.


- All players must be alert and ready to keep the session advancing at all time

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