Hockey Session (Senior): Score & Move

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Score & Move

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Score & Move
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Score & Move


In this game the two teams (yellow & red) play 2 matches across 2 different pitches. Every time a goal is scored the goal-scorer must 'move' to a new pitch, creating uneven teams and constant overload/underload situations. The score across the two pitches are added to see which team is the winner.

Creating overload and underload situations to challenge the players both in and out of possession.

Link to 11v11

Defending outnumbered.

Attacking overload.

Attacking underloaded.


- How and where do the teams choose to distribute their players at the start?

- How do the players deal with playing with numbers up or dow?

- Social side, how do they communicate with their teammates quickly and effectively?

- Encourage the players to reflect, 'What would you change for next time, what went well, why? 

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