Hockey Session (Under 18s): Turn the Tables

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Kirstin Gebhart
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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1 (20 mins)


This drill turns the table and requires defenders to keep possession when they "intercept" a ball in the circle, while forcing forwards to apply good defensive pressure in the circle and improve their ability to shoot or get a corner after a turnover.

Skill emphasis:

Goalkeepers — communication, staying "on angle" and engaged even when their team has the ball

Defenders — communication, protecting the ball, knowing their exit, decision making

Attackers — defensive positioning, tackling, engaging distance, decision making


1. Two defenders (red) start anywhere inside the circle, two attackers (blue) start with their feet anywhere on the circle

2. A coach sends a hard or bouncy pass into the circle for the defenders to "intercept" — as soon as the ball is played by the coach, the attackers may apply pressure and the drill becomes a 2v2 inside the 25-yard line.

3. The defenders work to either: a) play the ball to waiting defenders or the coach positioned along the 25-yard line or b) win a foul or a 16-yard hit — if any of these things is accomplished, the defending team wins a point and the drill is reset

4. If the attackers win a corner, they earn a point for their team and the drill is reset, if the attackers score a goal, they earn two points for their team and the drill is reset


If the defenders play the ball over the sideline or unintentionally over the endline, attackers may quickly take the free hit or long hit (substitutes around the field should help set up the free hits or long hits).

Attackers, defenders, and goalkeepers should know the substitution rotation so they can get in position as quickly as possible for the next repeptition.

This drill should be officiated.

Keep score and limit the drill to "best of three" 5-7 minute sessions so that teams can strategize between sessions and competition stays high!

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