Hockey Session (Foundation Phase): Goalkeeper Clearing Work

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Objective: This drill provides a space to break down a technical skill to its basic level. This instructional drill should give your goalkeepers a foundational knowledge of the clear as a skill.

Set Up:

  • Find a 2-3 foot 4x4 or tire to serve as a guide
  • Create a cone target
The Drill:
  • Have your goalkeeper start in a comfortable stance with their right foot against a board or other physical guide
  • Push the ball to their left foot so they have to execute a kick save to redirect the ball through the cone target.
  • Allow them to reset before the next ball
  • After 10-15 repetitions, switch sides
Points of Emphasis:
  • Use plant leg (the foot against the guide) to generate power
  • Work on connecting with the flat, fattest part of their kicker (avoid the toe of the kicker)
  • Explode off the plant leg toward the ball
  • Head/shoulders should be forward and over their knee when they connect with the ball
  • The guide is just to serve as a reminder or mental cue to push off of their plant leg

Take your time with this drill, this is strict skill instruction and goalkeepers should be given time to focus on the mechanics of their clear.

For more advanced goalkeepers, increase the speed of your push pass and place the ball wider. To elevate this drill for more advanced goalkeepers, you can send a bouncy pass for them to execute a half-high or lunge save.

To encourage balance after their clear, add a second shot from the cone target (this replicates a rebound).

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