Football/Soccer Session (U13): 1v1 Four Goal Challenge

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Session is aimed at improving players decision making and speed of play. There will also be a lot of team building exercises that are geared at reminding or teaching the players about responsibility and team work.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 1v1 Four Goal Challenge

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 1v1 Four Goal Challenge
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1v1 Four Goal Challenge (15 mins)


- 8-16 players playing 1v1v1v1 set up as shown

- Each team is assigned a Goal with 3 cones (lives)

- Coach becomes referee/ball server


1. Players must use skill moves and try to score in any of the three other opponents net. 

2. Every time a team concedes a goal they lose a life - must knock down a cone. 

3. When a team has lost all its lives + goal itself (bonus life) that team becomes ghost players. they must turn their goal down and still try to get other teams to become ghost by scoring in their net.

4. The last team remaining at the end of the game is the LONE SURVIVOR


Coaching Points:

- Players must make a decision to attack other teams or defend their goal

- Players must be quick to get to the ball first and also if they must transition from attacking someone's goal to defending their own. 

- Aggressive and commanding of the ball at all times



1. Players can get a bonus life for scoring a goal without conceding one/ or scoring 2 goals the same round

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