Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Defending a Counter Attack

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Defending and Counter-Attacking

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Defending and Counter-Attacking
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Defending and Counter-Attacking (20 mins)

Defending the Counter-Attack Play

Practice Organization

-Half pitch, restricted in length with appropriate size goal at one end & 4 small goals across pitch, as illustrated.

-13 Players (incl. GK), arrange 6v6 in teams formation 3v3 (Counter-attacking team) &

4-2 (Team attacking 4 goals), as shown.

-Practice starts with: GK rolls ball-out to the Defending team.

-D’s (Blue) look to build-up play & score in any of the 4 goals.

-A’s (Red) are looking to gain possession & quickly counter-attack to single goal with GK.

-After conclusion of an attack; practice restarts from GK

-Roles of teams can be reversed after a defined period of play or number or restarts.


-D’s work ethic getting back behind ball to defend.

-D’s to defend realistically at all times, tracking runs & challenging.

-Quick reaction to adjust position & depth of defensive line in relation to ball movement.

-Engaging player on ball swiftly to delay & deny forward passing.

-Sliding across as a unit, remaining compact & leaving furthest attacker away from ball.

-Ensure a quicker tempo in passing & movement from team in possession (2-3 touch)

-Encourage creative & clever play in advance areas

-Simple progression for this practice are:

- Replace 4 goals with one & GK, to develop full game.

Coaching Points:

-Players ahead of ball to recover at pace to establish defensive block behind ball.

-Once goal-side; adjust from pressing to cover & balance in relation to ball & defensive line.

-Engage player on ball (if possible) on recovery run.

-Quick reaction to movement of players to initiate counter-attack.

-Quick change of defending to attacking attitude from players (& vice versa).

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