Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): ball warm up inc; movement (2)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): ball warm up 2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): ball warm up 2
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ball warm up 2

Grid size 20 x 30

time 30 mins


dynamic warm up

players do pitch jog and ball pass as a pulse raise (10mins)


in pairs each pair has a ball stand between 2 cones with 1 high hurdle


1. (3mins)

inside - outside over the hurdles with right leg leading then each player runs around cone with ball being collected

players return back to hurdle opposite each other and perform inside volley to each other

opposite player then has ball.

repeat as above with left foot leading all components


2. (2mins)

sideways under the hurdle and repeat as before with going around the cones this time with volley on outside of foot.


3. (2mins)

players do as before this time stepping over hurdles with hips facing front.

volleys this time through the laces.


4. (3mins)

players then go round the cones perform 2 lunges forward each foot to cone followed by linear through ladders. Once back opposite each other then do floor pass recieve inside of foot both sides do 3 passess ensuring each pass a little wider each time so opposite players stretches further each time to recieve.

Repeat as above but now lateral then perform a header to each other followed by recieve ball chest/thigh control then get up and head back.


repeat all above but this time volley to full ROM

total time 20 mins + pulse raise = 30mins

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