Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): The wedge game

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1 (25 mins)


1. 18 to 18 (84x75)

2. 10v10, no gk's

3. Balls are with coaches at each endline, they start the action

4. Cones are used to create the 4 wedges. 1 cone is put at the corner of the 18 and one is put on the sideline, 35 yards from the natural endline. Other cones are then used to finish the line.



Instructions: The objective of this tactical game is to start the ball with your centerbacks, move the ball up the field, and ultimately dribble or pass over the opponents endline. There are no limits to touches and the game is meant to have a natural flow. The coach at each endline starts the play. The head coach will sometimes purposely have one team get a few repetitions starting with the ball in order to address certain tactical areas. The total time of this exercise is 20-25 minutes. The wedges are used in order to encourage wide players to play, pass, and run on angles, always thinking about being deliberate with their movements.


Coaching Points:

This exercise is generally used as a lead up to game day. It gives an opportunity for the coach to get the players tactically prepared, in the big space, and with big numbers. Using the modified field length limits the workload on the players. Most often, the teams' pressing tactics as well as building from the back is an emphasis. Using the wedges reinforces to all the players where we want the game played, option A, and helps guide them to be in dangerous positions and on the run.




Normal size goals can be placed on the 18 yard lines. Wedges can also be used on the entire field to make the space larger.


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