Futsal Session (Senior): 3 on 2 1/2 field with weave (Start Time: 2013-12-12 17:05:00)

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Attack with a weave.

Defend with nearest player challenging ball, followed by a recovery run (passing lane).

Futsal Session Plan Drill (Colour): Weave 3on2

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Futsal Session Plan Drill (Colour): Weave 3on2
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Weave 3on2 (30 mins)

Red players need to weave (pass and follow pass) and attack the two yellow defenders. Once red cross center the player with the ball needs to attack the net with remaining players filling lanes on both sides. If attackers in red score they collect ball from net and continue their attack (weave) against the white players (opposite end).

Note- only two defenders allowed. The third defender acts as an outlet on the side and is NOT involved defensively.

If red miss the net, or lose possession of ball they must stop play immediately and assume the three yellow defensive positions.The two yellow defenders collect a ball and outlet it to their sideline teammate (uncontested). The three yellow players replace the red attackers. They begin weaving following the outlet pass and proceed to challenge their white opponents. Repeat.

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