Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Formations 2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4-3-3

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4-3-3
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This will be our base formation. We will be able to play both defensively and offensively out of this formation. One of the primary focusses is the use of the wing backs getting forward in transition, creating overlaps and forward runs with the ball. These runs will disrupt the defense creating space for the primary offensive players. With 3 midfielders and 2 outside forwards filling the middle of the field, possession in the middle will also be key. As we possess, scoring opportunities will surface.

This is a traditional flat 4 with outside backs filling wing back roles. We will mark zonally. Holding midfielders will help pick up runners into the defensive third. The 2 central defenders will do the bulk of the defending in the back.

The 2 holding midfielders will anchor the midfield both defensively and offensively, especially with this team. We are very strong at this position and both players in this role are capable of high levels of possession and distribution.

The center mid will play a tradition #10 role, getting forward as needed and supporting the forwards. Theoretically, we can employ 4 forwards at times. The center midfielder will think offense first but will also be responsible to get back defensively as needed.

Up top, we hope to employ a similar style as Barcelona. Using the 3 attacking players to overwhelm defenses with quick overlapping runs and triangle style passing. The attacking players will be expected to be extremely fluid in their positioning, covering and overlapping into each other’s positions as needed.

Our goalkeeper plays a sweeper keeper style and will continue to do so.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4-4-2 Diamond

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4-4-2 Diamond
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4-4-2 Diamond

4-4-2 Diamond

This will be a formation used to push forward in a more offensive manner. Although it looks strikingly different from the 4-3-3 we will primarily use, transitioning into this formation will be simple. Essentially we will simple drop an attacking player into the middle and push on of the holding midfielders up and to the outside of the middle. As always, players will be expected to be fluid in their positioning and runs. All 4 midfielders will be capable to fill any of the spots in their area. Same is to be expected of the forwards. Central defenders will be the most strict when it comes positioning.

Again, we will use a traditional flat 4 in the back, with forward runs from the wing backs. The single holding midfielder will help pick up runs into the back. The central defenders will bear the brunt of the defending and will mark zonally. If needed, the holding midfielder will be able to man mark a forward.

With the exception of the holding midfielder, the midfield will be in “attack first” mode. We can essentially have 5 forward players with 2 extra coming from the wing back position. This formation is very attack oriented. The holding midfielder will play the role of support.

The 2 forwards will be offense first, but will have to be willing to come back into the midfield allowing overlapping runs from the 11, 10, or 7 players. The Forwards will be fluid in their positions.

The goalkeeper will play a sweeper keeper style.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4-4-2 Unbalanced

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4-4-2 Unbalanced
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4-4-2 Unbalanced

4-4-2 Unbalanced

This formation can be utilized to create unbalance on either the left or right sides. This diagram show the right side. We can use this formation at various times throughout a match to help disrupt defensive structure for our opponents by overloading one side of the field in out attacking third and in our runs.

By sending the right forward toward the right touchline and ultimately, the corner, and by sending the midfield and the wing back in the same direction, defenses will have to unnaturally adjust to that side creating space on the left side and possibly the middle of the field. We do not employ this tactic as a gimmick or a trick play. I’m not trying to create a “one-off” that leads to a quick goal, but rather an unnatural right sided focus. Defenses will be forced to adjust and accommodate our formation, giving us an advantage or familiarity.

Defensively, the center backs will be fairly traditional and similar to our other formations, although they will need to be left leaning to help cover runs made by the left back. The 2 center backs will use zonal marking and be our primary defenders in most cases. In some cases they will get immediate help from the right back. The wing backs will be different from our other formations. The left back will be used to make uneven runs up the left side to help expose our opponent’s defensive shift to the right. The right wing back will make stunted runs, usually not much past midfield. He will have to help centrally when our opponents transition from defense to offense. The holding midfielder will also help defensively as need and will have a left leaning focus for coverage.

Defensively, the midfield will be aware of possible exposures on the left side. Offensively, the midfield will focus on right sides pushes and runs. By tending toward the center and right, the midfield, especially the #10, will help support the push toward the right corner. The left midfielder will be the only midfield player focusing on the left. He will cover the outside of the box and the far post and serve as a safety valve if the ball gets through the box. The left midfielder will be aided by the left wing.

With the exaggerated movement of the ball to the right side of the attacking third, the right forward will make runs toward the tough line and the right corner. The ball will be fed to this position. The left or central forward will stay in the box, preferably near the front post. He will have coverage on the backside and the middle from the midfield and the wingback. The right forward will be asked to cut back with the ball and create shots or useful passes back into the middle for central players.

The goalkeeper will play a sweeper keeper role.

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