Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Dribbling Warm-Up 2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Level Up

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Level Up
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Level Up


Create a field 20X20 yards. Line the field with two different color cones to the same colors are on opposite sides of the space. 


 Cones to mark the field (2 colors). 

One ball per player. 


Divide players evenly on each side of the square. Each player has a ball. On the coach's command, players dribble to the opposite side of the square, using a specific dribble, perform a turn, and dribble back to where they started. If no players bump into each other and their ball does not stop, the team progresses to the next level. If any players bump into each other or a player stops moving, the team must repeat the level. 

Examples of levels

Level 1 - Laces, right foot only

Level 2 - Laces, left foot only

Level 3 - Inside, outside of right foot only

Level 4 - Inside, outside of left foot only

Level 5 - Speed dribble (Cheetah speed) 

Level 6 - Tic Tocs

Level 7 - Toe Taps

Level 8 - Sole roll stepover

Level 9 - Players Choice

Level 10 - Coach is a defender. 


How can make sure to avoid the other players? (Keep head up)

How can I keep the ball close and maintain my speed? (Small, light touches)

Do you always have to dribble straight? (No, go multiple directions to avoid other players and find open space).

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