Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): OSA 4 phases of a warm-up

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): OSA 4 phases of a warm-up

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): OSA 4 phases of a warm-up
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OSA 4 phases of a warm-up (25 mins)

OSA 4 phases of a warm-up

Phase 1 Continuous movement 5-7 minutes

Walk, then add more arm swing, then bring it to a skip and then drag the toes to get the achilles involved. Slowly bring it to a slow jog and think about your theme for the day. If we`re doing shooting some leg swings with arms going opposite would be good. If we`re doing passing you can bring a ball between 2 into it and have them thwo to a partner, bounce or do some silly ones under the legs etc to keep them engaged.

Phase 2 Dynamic Range of Motion 3-5 minutes

Static body with the joint you are working on moving.

You can lie down and open and close the gate, you can do some different leg motions working on the hip primarily and the groin and hip flexors.

You can stand with a partner and do leg swings front and back and side to side and incorporate squats. Be creative.

Phase 3 Neural Prep 5-10 minutes

Spped and agility work with ladders. 1 foot, 2 feet, ichy shuffle etc. all sorts of quick feet work and try to have a dynamic sprint coming out of the ladders to a cone at an angle. To make it session specific you can have defensive footwork or passing to a player at the cone or striking with your laces. Again, be creative.

Phase 4 Technical Preparation As much or little time as you see fit to build into your session or game

At this stage your keeper should leave the group and do their own technical prep.

Again session specific. If you are doing shooting then striking a ball off the cone in a possession game fits. If it is passing then maybe 4 goals in the coners fits more. Be sure to make the size of the pitch fit the number of players you have and age appropriate.

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