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Passing & Receiving

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main Theme

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main Theme
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Main Theme


1. Grid 20x30 (12x6x12)

2. 3 teams of 4 (defenders, midfielders, attackers)

3. Place each group of players in each zone.


1. The 4 players in the middle zone are split into 2 teams of 2, one pair will be tasked to close down in the right hand zone (RHZ) and the other pair in the left hand zone (LHZ).

2. The play starts in the RHZ, players focusing on keeping possession but looking for the first good opportunity to pass the ball into the feet of a player in the LHZ while being closed down by the pair from the middle zone (MZ).

3. The MZ pair are tasked with trying to intercept the pass when it goes from the RHZ to the LHZ

4. If the ball is won by an MZ player the game is restarted with the opposite team. Each time possession is lost by the opposing team the MZ pairs switch.

5. Point System: 1 point for a completed pass from end zone to end zone, 1 point for 4 completed passes in an end zone, 1 point for the player closing down who wins possession of the ball or forces the ball out of play and 1 point for the player from the middle who intercepts a pass.

6. If the ball goes out of play, ball is started in opposite zone

7. Switch teams in zones after 5 minutes

Coaching Points:

1. Support pass

2. Communicate

3. Movement off the ball

4. Closing down the opposition and limiting their options.


1. Limit the number of touches per player.

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