Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Shooting Lanes England Football Day

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Shooting Lanes

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Shooting Lanes
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Shooting Lanes (25 mins)

Shooting Lanes


- Two channels of equal size depending on number of participants, more channels can be added to cater for larger groups.


P1: Players line up at the beginning of a channel, without a ball the challenge is to make through the channel and areas where the defenders are without getting tagged once they make it through they start at the beginning of the next channel. If they are tagged they swap with the defender and take their zone.

P2: Same game, this time players attempt to make it through with a ball and get a shot at goal.

Depending on age and ability of group you could start with no defenders or have one/two in each channel. Ask for feedback from the players, is the practice to hard/easy and alter accordingly.

P3: Add in a floating attacking player, who can support attackers on the ball when needed to make 2v1s.


- What is going to affect what decision you make?

- What is the best area to move into to score?

- What movements can you do?

- When is the right time to shoot?

- What techniques can you use?

- What will help you to make your decision on the ball?


- Dribbling techniques

- Control & Pass the ball.

- Finishing techniques

- Use a variety of passing/dribbling/shooting techniques to find out what works best.


- Decision making on the ball

- Identifying when to pass/dribble

- Identifying where to pass/dribble

- When/where to shoot

- Movements to support


- Information to player on the ball

- Encourage players to be brave when taking on defenders in different ways combining/working together to score (group discussion/observation)

- Understanding why it’s important to utilise players around them (group discussion/observation)


- ABC’s

- Quick positive movements on the ball

- Quick repetitive movements to create space

- Quick movements to get into advanced positions

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