Football/Soccer Session (U6): Wee Kickers

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Wee KIckers session II

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Wee KIckers session II
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Wee KIckers session II (15 mins)


- 6 grids

- Grid #1 is open space for "I can do this Can you!?"

- Grid #2 Score as many goals in 30 seconds.

- Grid #3 with spot markers and hurdles grid #4 will be "Eggs in a basket"

- Grid #5 Race car driving with and without ball

- Grid #6 Jungle obstacle course

- We'll divide them into groups of 6

- Grid 6 is "THE jungle"

i.e. hops through ladders, run through poles, and back to starting point

- Field markers will be "leap pads" or dribble and stop on pads etc.

- Open area can be "animal dribble" where they act out the animal you shout out or "I can do this can you" or "coachzilla" where they try and kick the ball at you while you run away.

End last 10 minutes in a Wee scrimmage.

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