Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): JFA Women - Dynamic Flexibilty warm up

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Jason Carpenter
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Dynamic Flexibility Warm

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Dynamic Flexibility Warm
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Dynamic Flexibility Warm (10 mins)

Cones laid out 20meters in length (can be extended in width to accomodate number of players in squad.

Start on one side and perform the following (Where stated it is back and forwards or otherwise only one width)

Arm roll and Jog

Spotty Dog

Walking on balls of feet (x1)

Walking on heels (x1)

Sideways walking on balls of feet - crossing feet

Ankle flicks

Small skips

Knee out skips

Knee across skips

High knee skips

Lateral running (x1 left / x1 right)

Forward lunges - Hip Flexor stertch (rotation) (x1)

Backward lunges - as above (x1)

Hurdle walk 1:4 ratio

Russian Walks

Walking hamstring stretch

Carioca (50% - 100%)

Space Invaders (50% - 100%)

Pair up: hands on shoulder - side foot into back of net (leg across body)

Hand on shoulder - straight leg leg swing (engage the glutes)

Scrum Stretch

Firemans grip stretch

Lumberjack wrestle

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