Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): Agility Training

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Agility Training

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Agility Training
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Agility Training (25 mins)

Agility Training (30 min)

A: Partner Ball Tag (10 min)


Nine players must scan the grid to look for taggers and the soccer ball. They must react to the movements of the taggers to avoid getting tagged and eliminated. Each grid is assigned 11 players, two as "taggers." The other nine must avoid the "taggers." The "taggers" hold the ball in their hands. They are allowed to throw the ball to one another. Only the "tagger" with the ball is allowed to tag people. The final player left of the nine players wins the game. Play 10 min

Set Up:

20x20 grid

One ball for each grid

2 pennies, 32 cones

B: Driving Test (10 min)


Players are forced to react to commands from a coach. Players need to accelerate, decelerate and change direction at a moment's notice, similar to game situations that require quick changes with the soccer ball that are not pre-planned.

Set Up:

20x20 grid

Each player has a ball

6 players per grid

Coaching commands are: Go, Stop, Slow Down, Speed Up, Right Turn, Left Turn and U-Turn.

Coach calls out the commands randomly for 90 seconds, plyometric work, rest for 30 sec. Perform 8-10 sets

Coaching Points:

Perform activity at quick pace, keep head up, use both feet

C: 4-Cone Agility (10 min)


In the traditional 4-Cone Activity, the players perform pre-planned movements, then one-touch the ball back to the coach. In this modified version, players react to commands given by the coach, then one-touch the ball back to the coach. Again, the drill works on the cognitive functions necessary to develop agility.

Set Up:

5x5 grid

1 player inside & 1 outside with a ball

20 to 30 seconds per player.

Coach commands: Sprint Forward, Backpedal, Left Side Shuffle, Right Side Shuffle.

Player must react to commands and execute them.

Coaching Points:

Stay balanced, keep feet hip widith apart, push off balls of the feet

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