Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): CHRIS JONES - APPLY PRESSURE FROM THE FRONT

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Robert Christopher J Jones
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): FUNCTION :

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): FUNCTION :
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Using a three quarter size pitch arrange the blue team within a G/K - 2-5-1 formation and the red team with a G/K - 4-3-1 .

Function to start with red G/K.

Allow game to be played for approx 1min observe play then start coaching the key points.

If reds gain possesion they must have a stike on goal within five passes or function starts again with red G/K.



RED G/K starts the game/function by delivering pass1 into L/B

KEY POINTS : where keeper passes to" correct pace on pass.

BLUE R/M arcs his/her run to cut off the line and force play inside/back - his/her "trigger" to react is as pass is travelling from g/k to f/b, so when the f/b has his/her first touch our r/m is set and in position.

our r/cm is "triggered" by the r/m's movemwent to pressure opposing c/m looking to apply pressure on outside shoulder with a mindset of "can I pinch the ball" if not 2hold him/her up" and force play back, If f/b delivers pass2 into c/m with his/her 2 touch our c/m is set in position, our r/m recovers into space (starting position). Our c/f - s/he takes up a starting position slightly inside the opposing l/cb and approx half distance between defensive unit and midfield unit so as to nulify the pass across pitch from l/b to r/b also when pass2 is played can s/he pressure from the front aproaching on inside shoulder of c/m forcing play back to l/b, if l/b chooses pass3 our c/f by being in starting position can pressure l/cb on inside shoulder so as to stop play across to r/cb again pressing play back either to g/k or l/b.Our d/cm is to maintain a position approx 6yds behind whichever c/m is in contact/play whith a mindset of "what if" the opposition c/m beats our c/m either on inside shoulder or outside shoulder s/he then can intercept opponent and pressure back play or gain possesion before opposing c/m gains composure/control of ball, if opponents isolate l/b by l/cb taking wide position (zone a) and creating a 2v1 situation our d/cm can instruct our c/m1 to pressure l/cb and s/he can pressure opponents c/m. Our cm2 will pressure opponents 2nd c/m on ball side shoulder to avoid full transfer of ball and with a mindset of "can I pinch it" or pressure play back.Our l/m to take up a position on-line with the edgeof the 18yrd box to provide balance and compactness as a midfield unit.When ball is in "zone b" false enviroment due to formation - no f/b, c/b to cover across and trigger where and whento show will depend on ;is it a 1v1 situation ? if so forcing player outside will be key, in order for players to recover appropriately, if ball and c/f are in-front (same information appliesas c/m "can I pinch it or force play back" if situation is opposition c/m driving into "zone b" unit slides across c/b and d/cm remain specific and c/m recovers still on inside shoulder looking to force opposition c/m to spin back (winger to recover).what if opposition c/m recieves on half turn and drives between c/m"s - immediate recovery of midfield two to narrow distances/zone opposition is driving into. On second touch in-behind our c/m"s = trigger for d/cm to press and force back across pitch i.e left opp,c/m driving - force right & mirror image due to our c/m being in a more threatning position to support.C/b"s immediately narrow to avoid through ball or strike at goal - second "trigger "comes on opp c/f movement to recieve.

Perfect picture disturbed and plrs released from left back across to right c/b or right back,team to adjust to mirror image displayed.

KEY POINTS : for our r/m -

1. S/he is to arc run.

2. Trigger - as pass is delivered from g/k.

3. Recovery run back to starting positiion as soon as l/b makes decision.

KEY POINTS : for our cm1 -

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