Football/Soccer Session (U6): Zoo Keeper

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Zoo Keeper

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Zoo Keeper
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Learning Objectives

Technical Technical
Ball Control, Dribbling
Technical Physical
Agility, Balance, Coordination
Technical Psychological
Learning, Enthusiasm
Technical Social
Fun, Safe environment, Inclusion

Zoo Keeper (10 mins)

Set Up

20 x 20 area with 5 x 5 yard area set up as shown

1 ball per player

Animals cards


All the Zoo Keepers (players) start in the Zoo HQ

Zoo Keeper Clean-sheet (ZKC – the coach) first shows all the animals to the zoo keepers to make sure they know which animal is which

ZKC then tells the story of how he came to be a zoo keeper while the animals are hidden under different cones by a parent or helper

Zoo keepers then drive their trucks (balls) out into the zoo and look for different animals in the different animal houses (cones), yelling out what they find as they go along

When all Zoo Keepers come back to HQ, ZKC’s phone rings and he is told that the zoo keepers have not closed the animal houses door properly and that certain animals have escaped (coach chooses)

Zoo keepers then have to go out and find the animals and bring them back to HQ

Coaching Points:

Keep the truck close to you

Watch out for other trucks


ZKC tells the story of how dragons and dinosaurs used to be in Zoo’s years ago. The dragon is then placed in one of the animal houses and the zoo keepers again go out to look for different animals. If they find the dragon (helper), they have to drive their truck back to HQ without the dragon eating their truck

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