Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Functional defending Centrally - Midfield Block

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Rob Gale

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Rob Gale
Name: Rob Gale
City: Winnipeg
Country: Canada
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Sport: Football/Soccer
Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Set up

25x40 with a 5x30 inside leaving a 5 yard channel either side.

12 players 4 (defenders) in the inside box 8 (attackers) in the outside box.

Balls positioned around the outside for quick restart.


Attackers keep the ball in the area, defenders stay in there area and try to force to attackers through the outside channel.


Prevent the forward pass 

Do not let the defedning line be broken 

Look to keep the correction defedning shape 

- Player closest to the ball presses 

- Rest of the team compct covering blocking any forward pass

- Once the ball is moved sideways a quick shift of position to regain good banalce


2 players from the defending team can leave the square 


1 point for a pass through the defending square 

2 points for a split pass to break the defedning line 

Key points 

- Delay the player on the ball

- Depth - Can we squeeze up the pitch 

- Compact togetehr as a team 

- Balance - Quick shifted as the ball is moved 

- Control - setting traps to win the ball not forcing winning in on first oppertunity

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