Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Possession and incision

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A 5v2 rondo that includes elements of attacking decision making.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1 (30 mins)

This exercise combines a rondo with incisive dribbling or combining.

Grid is 10x10, or adjusted to suit.

Play begins in a 5v2 rondo, with 4 Reds on the outside and one inside, and 2 Yellow defenders inside.

Action: Reds attempt to move the ball successfully among themselves, while the Yellows defend as in a normal rondo.

After 5/7 successive passes is achieved, a player on the outside may choose to attempt to dribble or combine their way across the grid to the opposite side (s/he must cross the line). For example, player 1 attempts to dribble/combine across to player 4's side. Play should be fluid; upon reaching the other side, play should immediately continue with a new passing sequence.

If a Red begins to dribble into the square (and while it happens), an outside Red rotates into the dribbler's former spot outside, while the outside Red the dribbler replaces moves into the vacant outside spot. For example, if Player 1 becomes a dribbler, Player 2 or 3 must quickly replace them, while Player 4 must replace player 2/3.

If the Red player makes it across, Red is awarded 1 point. If the Yellows win the ball, they are awarded 1 point and the coach begins play again by playing into Red. When one team has scored 3/5 points, the Yellows are swapped out. Make sure everyone has a chance to experience all roles.

Coaching points:

-All basics of small possession (open body shape, play to correct foot, receive across body where possible)

-Keen observation by attackers of moment of incision has come

-Manipulation of the defenders by the team in possession to create that moment.

-Efficiency/attention by defenders: maintain contact with inside attacker, be mindful of passing lanes, and be ready for the moment of incision.

-Instruct the players on visual cues to attempt the incisive dribble/combination: can the inside attacker drag a defender away leaving a gap open? And does this suggest a dribble opportunity or a combination opportunity?

Progression: Add a second Red inside, and have the Yellows man-mark to add a dismarking element

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