Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Pre-Season - VO2 Max Session

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By the final 2 weeks of early pre-season the players should be ready to perform high intensity drills in the form of VO2max drills. These drills can typically only be sustained for up to 5 minutes without the tempo dropping. They are a very effective training tool which improves recovery after a sustained high intensity period. From a tactical point of view they are great for pressing and skill development as they involve constant involvement from the players a high tempo and high work rate.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Pre-Season VO2 Max Session

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Pre-Season VO2 Max Session
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Pre-Season VO2 Max Session


Split players into three or four player teams. Set-up three fields measuring 30x20 yards with two teams playing on each. Rotate teams as shown in the table below for a total of 6 games.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Pitch 11v21v33v53v44v52v5

Pitch 23v42v51v61v52v31v4

Pitch 35v64v62v42v61v63v6

What do players do?

The aim is for each team to stop the ball in their opponent’s end zone. When defending, the emphasis is on pressuring, marking man for man and denying time or space for opposing players. When attacking, the emphasis is on lots of movement to offer support and create space to attack quickly. Have a good supply of balls so if ball goes out of play it can come back in quickly to keep the tempo high. These tactics will ensure the tempo of play and work rate is high. The aim is on keeping players moving constantly whether attacking (quickly) or defending (pressuring quickly to win ball back). The drill can be varied to work on different tactical/technical aspects of play.

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