Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): 18/7/12 - Dublin

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Karl Robinson
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

18/7/12 – Dublin:

11.02 – Warm-Up (DD):

With partner, one man throws for other man to volley ball back (3-5 yards): Outside/inside of foot used to stretch different muscles. Then ball thrown to jump up for header. All this done with small ball.

Next, one man dribbles small ball into middle and passes to someone on outside who then does the same

11:08 – Progression: Same exercise but with higher intensity

11.09 – Dynamic stretching (same as previous days)

11.14 – Jog into middle, 2 changes of direction, then accelerate to outside of square and back into middle – medium intensity for 30 secs

11.21 - 3 groups:

DD – through hurdles, then ladders or round poles, then 10 yard sprint. Repeat 10-15 times

MH – Defenders only - run 2 yards towards partner, spring back and jump up for header/play 5 yard volley to partner’s hand. Then progression to long range passing. Pass followed by set to next man who gets it outs his feet, runs and then plays it long. MH then working on shape out of possession, with keeper in goal – crosses coming in from both sides, full-back tries to block, defenders/keeper clears

KR – 3 stations: station 1 - first man runs in and shoots from edge of box on left

Station 2 – middle man shoots from edge of box

Station 3 – man runs from right to receive cross from station 1 man, before collecting ball and crossing for station 1 man.

Happens in that order – then rotate stations at end of cycle.

Progression: Mannequins put at near post to stop crosses on both sides

Swap groups (e.g. from KR to DD) at 11.29. Defenders stay with MH.

11.49: Defenders to DD, strikers to KR, midfielders to MH.

KR – 2 stations: Shooting – KR/IR serve, player gets shot on goal. KR – left foot across goal, IW – right foot across goal. Progression: Play into KR/IW who lays ball off for shot

MH – Possession: 3x3 in small square

11.56: Stretching with DD

12: 00: Game 10 vs 10 on half pitch with sides in 10 yards from touchline. Every time ball goes out, restart is from keeper

12:25: DD - Stretching

Finish at 12:25: Total mins = 83

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