Football/Soccer Session (U16): Passing and receiving the ball on your back foot (Start Time: 2013-11-09 00:05:00)

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Passing and controlling the ball with your back foot

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Passing and control drill

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Passing and control drill
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Passing and control drill (20 mins)

This blocked drill is excellent as part of a warm up or a progression after other passing drills. It looks complicated, but is very simple and very effective. It is also very useful if you do not have many balls but lots of players.


Use an area about 20 m x 5 m. The diagram shows double that with a shaded area to act as a buffer zone and to illustrate if you had numerous players. Cones spaced about 2-3 metres along a line. Players stand between these cones opposite another player, who is about 5 metres away. (Dimensions can be changed to suit age / ability/ numbers of players, etc). One ball, which starts with a player in the corner.


Players pass diagonally, not in a straight line. The only straight line pass is the starting player and the end player. Players passing diagonally will naturally create passing triangles.

Players also learn to control the ball with their back foot i.e. if it is passed to them from their left, they should control it with their right foot and pass it with their left foot. If it is passed to them from their right, they should control the ball with their left foot and pass with their right.

Progressions / challenges:

Introduce more balls

How many passes can a team make in a time period?

One touch?

Move the start and end players after a few minutes so everyone practices this technique

Key skills:

Players should be on their toes, ready to receive the ball

Controlling the ball out of their feet

Passing the ball accurately with the inside part of their foot

Opening their body shape to receive the ball on their back foot

Scanning constantly to be aware which ball is coming to them (if more than one ball per team is being used) - adjust your body shape accordingly to the direction the ball will be passed to you

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