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Jorge Hernandez
Name: Jorge Hernandez
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): passing warm up

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): passing warm up
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passing warm up


-20x30 field

-square in the middle (different color cones)

-players in the inside need a ball each

-players on the edge waiting to receive


Skill set:

-sole roll 


-step over


-morgan chop

Phase 1

1. Players in the middle with a ball will pass to an outside player

2. Receiving player will perform desired skill move while passive defender applies pressure 

3. player with ball will dribble through center square to find another player

Phase 2

1. players in the inside must pass to a player on the outside then open up body shape in open space

2. player that received the ball must pass back to player's back foot

3. make it into a competition (how many passes can a player make in 30 seconds intervals)

4. rotate players in possession and edge players after each round 

Coaching Points

-observation of space

-close control


-agility to change direction

-speed of play

-use both feet

-weight of pass

-timing of pass

-receiving/passing technique

-speed of play

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