Hockey Session (Senior): 3 v 2 down the right hand side of the pitch

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): 20 Minutes

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): 20 Minutes
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20 Minutes

Essence :

Attacking down the right hand channel


- 2 red cones one is 15 yards inside the halfway line and 10 yards down, the second red cone will be 5 yards inwards and down from the halfway line.

- Player A will be the coach who will be standing with the balls, he will be the person who will be passing the ball to either players B,C or D.

- Players B,C and D will be running around the cone to receive a push pass (hard) from the coach.

- 2 defenders will try to stop the attackers from scoring. These defenders are always on the same line (red) ball, body, goal to give them the percentage advantage when defending.

Technical pointers:

+ The players who didnt receive the pass, will need to work very hard to get ahead and create a passig opportunity; as highlighted by players C and D who have both made the run. However, it must be noted that player B who has passed the ball must make the run to get ahead of his pass and be another option inside the circle.

+ The attackes must give strong, crisp passes to improve the speed of the game. This must be followed by many post ups (leads) moving the defenders.

+ The player who receives the ball must hold up play so the other players can get ahead.

+ The player who receives the ball could also throw an aerial int the middle towards D if he is wide enough.

- Focus on communication, this must be important to keep the red line in sync (mirror) Stay tight and try to channel the players to the baseline.

- When channeling it is important to note that the defenders are on the pores of their feet so they can stay balanced and quickly move up and down the line or backwards/forwards.


- This can be done by 4 v 3 etc, or even on the left hand side.

Note: The coach will be doing sets of 10, if the attackers do not score 5 goals out of the 10 they will be doing physical punishments. The 2 defenders will be rotating with the attackers after each set and the defenders choose the punishment 

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