Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Back Line and Midfield Defending

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 8 v 9

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 8 v 9
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8 v 9

Setup: In an area, roughly 45 - 50 x 20 - 30, divided into 3 zones. Team size can vary, in this case, we have 8 on defensive team, and 9 on offensive team, one GK in big goal, one GK behind the goal made from poles. [balls, pinnies, cones, poles, goal]

Organization: We play 8 v 9, with the defense getting in their defensive shape, and the attackers assigning themselves 3 to each zone. The back 4 push up to line, that also serves as an offside line. The attacking team tries to penetrate the back line and if successful, they attack the goal, and the defensive team recovers. Attackers cannot move from zone to zone, they must stay in their zone, keeping possession, and looking to penetrate the back line. The defenders can move freely, and are encouraged to move in accordance with desired defensive shape and tactics. If the defensive team wins the ball, they look to score in the counter goals. If they play the ball through the counter goals, and into the waiting keeper's hands, it is worth 3 points. The defensive team looks to outnumber the attacking team in the 3 zones [4 v 3] and win the ball back.

Progressions: [1] attacking team can move freely from zone to zone, [2] add forward players who play behind counter goals, and if played, shadow play to goal.

Focus: team shape, communication, recovery runs, squeezing the field, individual defending technique, pressure/cover/balance, pressure vs no pressure.

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