Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): UEFA A License - Match Preparation - Attacking Principles To Defensive Transition (Start Time: 2024-02-15 09:00:00)

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Ricky Davey

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Ricky Davey
Name: Ricky Davey
City: Marietta
Country: United States of America
Membership: Adult Member
Sport: Football/Soccer
Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 352 v 433

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 352 v 433
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352 v 433 (30 mins)

Main Focus:

  • Attacking In 1-3-5-2 v 1-4-3-3

Learning Outcomes:

  • Middle Of The Back Three Stepping Into Midfield Beyond The First Line Of Pressure
  • Overloading 4v3 Into Midfield - Box Or Diamond Depending On Player Movement
  • Penetrating Passes Into Front 2 - Supporting Movements Underneath & Wide Players High Recognizing Cues
  • Prepare To Defend / Active Defending - Creating The 'Jail' Around Their CF.


  • 3x7 Minute Blocks / 2' Rest Between
  • Match Day -2 Hybrid Day
  • Attacking Team - Grey (352) v Defending Team (433)
  • Restarts - Attacking CBs/GKs / 2nd Ball For Opposition & Prepare To Defend/Throw In's Etc/Goal Kicks.
  • Block 1 - Restart With Opp CB/Long Ball - CB Att Control & Play / 2nd Ball From AC Into ATT Team
  • Block 2 - Restart With Opp CB Long Ball - Control & Play / 2nd Ball Into Attacking Third
  • Block 3 - Live Games - Game Rules / Ball 1 - Into Grey 2 Unopposed Passes To Goal Then Play

Opposition Setup:

  • 433/4141 - Mid Block Out Of Possession
  • Press Onto Pressing Cues - Ball Backwards/Wide Areas/Bad Touches or Passes.
  • Counter Attacking Team - Win It & Look For Highest Target - Score As Fast As Possible

Key Points:

  • Cue For CB To Step Into Midfield - Ball Back To GK - Step into Midfield Create Diamond With GK/2 Other CBs
  • With CB Stepping In Creates 4v3 Into Midfield - Two 8s Create Top Of Box/CB 6 Create 2 Holding Midfield Players / See The Overload
  • Breaking Lines - With CB's/Through 1-2 Lines Of Pressure / Once Broken Supporting Movements & Set Through Or Set Spin Set Wide
  • Movements Of Front 2 - One Underneath One Behind/Through
  • Active Defending - Create +1 Around The CF Always / Active & Ready To Be Aggressive Step In To Win/Not Delay/Win Or Foul

Coaching Interventions:
  • Each Block Will Start With Walkthrough To Explain The Outcomes For Each Block While Also Using:
  • Concurrent
  • Terminal - Tactical Board
  • Coaching Process

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