Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): Defedning in wide areas agasints advanced full backs SSG

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Key Factors

Set up them 9v9, 8 outfield players and 2 goal keepers. Explain what we are looking to work on (Defending in wide areas.) and let the game start.

The Reds will set up with a back 4 3 in midfield and a lone striker, and the will mirror that but will I will instruct the full back to play high as possible to bring them on my teams full backs and then hopefully we can affect them in that area.

Defending Key Coaching Points:

Close Down at pace

Travel when ball is travelling

Apply brakes a good distance from opposition

Body position and shape, Low and showing the opposition outside.

Look to Intercept not tackle.


Ball is encourage to be played out to opposition full back, I am looking for my full backs distance to the oppositions I am looking for him to be within a distance where he can apply pressure but not to close so that the pass to him cannot be made. I am looking my full back to first look to intercept the pass or if not then he can go and defend thinking of all the key coaching points to defend. At this time I’m looking for my centre half’s to take up a position on the right hand corner of the box in case the opposition left back gets past my full back and then my centre half can go and engage then. I’m looking at his other centre half to take up a spot in line with the penalty spot and I’m looking for my left back to take up a position on the left hand corner side of the box with an open body position and aware of the possible threat at the back post. And the last thing I’m looking for in one of my central midfielders drop in to protect the area in front of the box if needed I can pull a striker deeper into midfield also.

This would be exactly the same with the right hand side players all players will be given reference points to make it easier for them to take up the positions I’m looking for.

Key Points for the Unit

Strikers looking to force them wide cutting the passing line off to the goal keeper and the other centre half

When there wide we can defend or engage full backs have to be aware as if the go to late it won’t be worth going

Full back ne

Stay narrow when we defend and get players on or in the correct area with the use of reference points

Things to consider if I’m not getting to coach the topic!!!!! DEFENDING INNWIDE AREAS:

Create and overload in midfield make it harder for the team I am managing to play in the central areas and force them out wide and going with 2 strikers

I could also get my defences starting position to start of a bit deeper if the game is to tight to encourage the pass out wide.

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