Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Toy Story 2 - Buzz's Journey!

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Toy Story 2 - Buzz!

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Toy Story 2 - Buzz!
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Toy Story 2 - Buzz! (20 mins)

Toy Story 2 - Buzz's Journey!

Players are travelling about in Buzz's spaceship, to start with they can do this without a ball to get used to the drill and then with a ball, they must dribble about the ship and not go outside!

To steer left all the plyers must go to the left hand side of the spaceship, right to steer right! To brake they can go ot the back of the ship and accelerate go to the front of the ship!

To put more fuel in, players must toe tap the ball.

To help Buzz explore the galaxy, they must leave the spacehip (ideally) through the doorway and go around one of four planets to investigate it.

To start with get them running around each planet and then come back in through the doors (be careful if they run around a different way (so head up running).

Each planet has a name and colour, so red fire planet, blue icycle, green earth and yellow sun men planet. They all have different challenges to go around, red has fire cones to avoid, green is spaced out wiered shape planet and blue has remote icycles off it whereas the yellow sun men are looking down on them!

Get them used to going around without a ball first fpr the younger ones

P2 - call a planet and they have to go around and not touch any of the obstacles and return. Ask what colour and whose planet it was?

P3 - call a colour or name instead

P4 - now they must be the first not the last person back into the space ship

P5 - for the older chidlren - put an Emperor Zorg in to kick the balls away or chase them back.

Other prgressions, have to go to two planets before returning or let them explore and when Emperor Zorg comes, have to return before he gets to you!

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