Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Dynamic 3 vs 1 In Transition. ProActive Passing

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Dave Benning
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3vs1 play must be seen as a game and not as a drill, exercise or an activity to keep players busy. 3vs1 allows players to become comfortable on the ball with minimal pressure to make decisions. Each touch on the ball encourages players to make decisions because each time it is a different problem to solve as there is pressure from the defender. 

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3 vs 1 Transition

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3 vs 1 Transition
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3 vs 1 Transition


8 Players inside a 16 x 16yd area divided into 4 equal quads of 8x8yds

Starting Point

3 players inside 1 area, keep possession until all 3 attackers have touched the ball. Once they have they are to dribble/pass into the opposite area. 


Keep possession, by passing, dribbling & shielding the ball from the defender. If defender wins possession, s/he must dribble out of the area or shield it for 3 seconds. Change over with player who lost possession.

Coaching Points

1. Use the maximum space 

2. Open your body to receive with the instep; 1st touch into space

3. Move the ball, move your feet quickly (Safe side passing)

4. Weight of the pass into the opposite space is critical to keep possession

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