Football/Soccer Session (Mixed age): Big Square/Little Square - Receiving on Back Foot

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Technical Unopposed

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Technical Unopposed
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Technical Unopposed


1. Red square - 8x8yds.

2. Blue square - 40x40yds.

3. Players distributed evenly.


1. First player at each blue cone makes a forward run to nearest red cone.

2. Player checks away from red cone to receive a pass from player at blue cone.

3. Player receiving opens up, takes first touch towards next blue cone (clockwise/counter-clockwise).

4. Player dribbles to end of line at next cone while passes follows pass to red cone.

5. Ensure to work in both directions.

Coaching Points:

1. Connect with teammate - eye contact.

2 Communication - verbal (call for ball, feet, space).

3. Communication - visual (point to desired target for pass).

4. Checking movement away from defender (cone).

5. Weight and accuracy of pass.

6. Receive sideways on - open up hips, back foot.


1. Ensure to work both sides.

2. Instead of dribbling back, player receiving at red cones opens up and passes to next blue cone.

3. Double pass: set back at red cone, move forward, player at blue cone passes in front of red cone.

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