Hockey Session (Senior): Tactical Possession

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Tactical Possession

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Tactical Possession
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Tactical Possession


 This game is aimed at players who playing 11v11. The idea here is to use the gates (formed by cones) to develop set themes.

In the diagram, the yellows are trying to penetrate the central space - this is the highest reward but the hardest to do. Conversely the blues are protecting this area and forcing their opponent outside, away from the most dangerous area.

Link to 11v11

In possession this game could look at penetrating key areas with forward passes, runs and dribbles and other principles. For example attacking across 5 lines or using a pivot player.

Out of possession, the group could be looking at defending 3 out of 5 lines, defending tightly and compact or defending high up the pitch using a high press.


- How do the attackers self organise to attack the central space?

- How much information is given from the coach or do the players explore and then we feedback?

- How do we manipulate the time the players have to achieve the task?

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