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Patrick  Fuentes
Name: Patrick Fuentes
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Conditioned Scenario

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Conditioned Scenario
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Conditioned Scenario


Blue- setup in a 1-3-1

White setup in playing area- 2-1

3 gates with 3 lines of attacking players


Blue begins with the ball and looks to play into one of the 3 target gates, ball must cross the red line before playing into the gate

Once ball is played into a target, the three players waiting in the gates join in with the 3 already in the playing area, to attack 6v4 with a trailing defender.

White looks to score the goal while blue looks to defend.

After play is over the 3 original players in white leave and recirculate to the gates while the 3 that entered take their place.

Coaching Points:

-Delay vs Pressure from 1st defender

-Recovery Runs- Look to cut off penetration and allow for a shape to be restablished (Angle/depth of recovery runs

-Once shape has been re-established can we look to create numbers even or perhaps numbers up defensively


After ball is played into the target, coach calls out the line that will start with the ball. Adding in the variable of the team being out of shape and needing to diagonally slide to fill space in behind

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