Football/Soccer Session (Advanced): Goal Line Corner

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Goal Line Corner

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Goal Line Corner
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Learning Objectives


Goal Line Corner (15 mins)

Goal Line Corners (15 min)


To create space inside of the 6 yard box with movement away to take the defender out, following by attacking the ball/space


- 6-7 attackers into the box.

- #2 & #3 stay back as defenders we assume marking 1 striker. Additional striker, #6 to hold so always numbers up on defense unless game situation requires taking risks


- #11, #9, #5, #4 & #7 all begin on the goal line.

- #11 just a few yards off of the goal line at the back post.

- #6 at the penalty spot.

- #8 out wide making a late run to show for a short corner.

- This starting point makes it difficult for defenders to know where the runs will be made.


- As the corner taker proceeds towards the ball, players will make a 5-7 yard sprint at an angle away from the ball, then sprint towards finishing point. Important, two movements: 1 sprint at an angle away (Red arrows) then sprint back & attack the ball

- #8 sprints to show late for the ball as a short corner or as a supporting player

- #7 at the corner of the 6 yard box to flick a near post ball onwards.

- #4 finishes near the line at the near post.

- #9 finishes central on the 6 yard box.

- #5 finishes slightly behind the back post on the 6 yard box.

- #11 finishes 12 yards high, outside of the back post, not allowing anything to carry out past that area, but can continue run 12 yards high more centrally depending on where the ball is coming into.

- #6 finishes a few yards outside of the 18 yard box, and must 1 touch drive towards goal any ball that comes out. This player should NEVER take a player on in order to prevent an outnumbered counter attack. #6 & #8 must foul & stop the play in defensive third, if opponent counter attaks

- If a short corner occurs, all players should repeat the initial runs and not stand in one place.

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