Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): Quick Passing in a SSG

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1


Area 60x40yds, divided into 3 equal zones, with appropriate size

goals at each end, as illustrated.

• 16 players (incl. 2GK’s), arranged 2-3-2, as shown in the diagram.

• Supply of balls by each goal.

Players are restricted to the designated zones

& off-side applies in each end zone.

• Practice starts with: ball rolled-out from GK.

• Team in possession, look to play through the thirds

of the field, varying speed of attacking play & using

1 touch passing, if possible.

• Open play continues until the ball goes dead. The practice then

recommences with initial set-up arrangements.


Quick passing using 1 touch (if possible), to eliminate pressure.

• Recognition of when to use 1 touch passing & when

to slow-down play to secure ball retention.

• Use of different skills & foot surfaces to maximise

1 touch/quick play.

• Making good decisions when quick play sequences are unavailable.

• Simple progressions for this practice are:

- Units can push-up & drop-back into next zone to create 5v5 in

single & two-zone play.

- All players are ‘free’ & interchange roles & positions.

Key coaching points:

• Stretch opponents from end-to-end & side-to-side.

• Angles & distances of support.

• Appropriate speed of passes & inter-passing.

• Combination play, using minimal touches.

• Changing tempo (e.g. slowing down play, to speed-up & vice versa).

• Individual & combined movement of advanced attackers to achieve

shots on goal.

• Early selection of individual finishing techniques & execution.


Create space, Combination play


open your body, play forward when you can. 1st touch.


improve balance


challenge yourself


improve communication skills

Learning Objective (Group)

can we play 1-2's,

can we move the ball quickly

Learning Objective (Individual)

can i get in a position to get on the ball as much as possible.

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