Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): USSF C Delib - switching point of attack

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Giving the back 6 options for switching point of attack

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): stg 2 switch

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): stg 2 switch
Save Image: Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): stg 2 switch

stg 2 switch (15 mins)


1. Field spacing is half of a soccer field  

2. Players are set up as shown with back four and two attacking players #9 & #10 step up as shown

3. Session will be focused on the players in white

4. Center Mids #6 & #8 start the play from the bottom of the circle


1.The play starts with a short, short, long passing sequence between the #6 and # 8

2.The long pass is played over the top between goalkeepr and 2 center backs

3.Keeper should come off line to claim ball after which the possesion play starts.

4.Movement of players is shown where #s 2&3 move up and wide towards touch line giving the team width

5. #s 4&5 Move to the corner of the 18yd box to give team depth.

6. Keeper plays the ball to one of the CBs #4/#5 and the Back four attempt to play the ball out of the back.

Defenders score by playing into one of the small goals on the half line.

7. #s 9&10 are the only two oppostion players allowed to challenge for the ball. If they win possession they can go to goal.

Coaching Points:

1. Back four should stay compact at the start of play to keep the strikers honest.

2. When defense wins ball possession players must make quick off the ball runs to create depth and width asap.

3. When in possession, no cross-field balls, switching point of attack should go through GK or #s 4/5.


1.P – Increase the number of opposing players

2.P – Limit the back four to two touches

3. P - Back four can only score by dribbling the ball to the goal.

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